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Strike it Rich…With Gold Ink

Gold InkNow you can add even more luxury to your favorite Giftsin24 stationery by selecting GOLD raised ink. We’ve added this shimmery hue to our lineup of raised ink colors, so you have even more choices.

If you love wearing gold, why not add it to your stationery?

For bordered cards and notes, pair gold lettering with a black border on stark white paper for an opulent feel.

To achieve the ultimate princess look, combine gold lettering with a fuchsia border.

Check our all our raised ink products for the new gold lettering choice. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

One Stamp, Lots of Love

Giftsin24 cards take just one first class postage stamp.

Part of the fun of sending a letter is finding beautiful stamps for the envelope.

How much does it cost to send one of our cards or notes to a friend? Just the care and time to write it, plus one single first class stamp.

A Giftsin24 card or note, including the envelope, weighs about one ounce. Sending one through the United States Postal Service (USPS) requires just a single stamp (standard first class postage).

To keep things even more simple, purchase a sheet of “Forever” stamps at the post office, and you won’t have to worry about adding make-up postage when the rates change in a year or two.

In addition, our cards and notes, including our oversized Cheseapeake line, fit within USPS maximum dimensions for standard first class postage.

The one exception is our Gift Enclosures, which measure less than the 3.5 inch by 5 inch minimum dimensions that the USPS requires. If you try to send a Gift Enclosure through the mail system, it will be rejected. Learn more here.

See USPS’s handy postage calculator for domestic and international letters: http://postcalc.usps.gov

Looking for Giftsin24 shipping rates and delivery information? Please visit this page: http://www.giftsin24.com/content/help-shipping

Do You Need to Send a Save-the-Date Card?

Early Spring Save the Date Card by Giftsin24.com

Our Early Spring Save the Date Card elegantly gives guests advance notice of your wedding.

Sending a wedding save-the-date card: when is it necessary and when is it not? These days, there are so many tasks associated with planning a wedding; it’s nice to know if they are all must-dos or might-be-nice-to-dos. Wedding save-the-date cards straddle both.

If you are planning a destination wedding, a three-day weekend extravaganza or a holiday weekend wedding, sending a save-the-date card

has become a necessity.

In these situations, as a general rule, it’s best to send a save-the-date card at least 6 months before the ceremony, and possibly 8 months if you are planning a destination wedding.

Giving your guests advance notice about your wedding date will give them adequate time to make travel arrangements, rearrange work schedules, and save for transportation or lodging.

If you are planning a simple wedding locally, you won’t need a save-the-date card, unless you have a lot of guests coming from out of town.

Browse Giftsin24’s collection of wedding save-the-date cards here

Getting Organized for Back to School

school1The calendar may say August, but that “back-to-school time” is right around the corner. Get organized for the year ahead with one of Giftsin24’s personalized tablets, memos or cards. Whether you’re a teacher planning your day, a mom organizing your family, or a recent grad off to your first year away, we have the stationery to help you stay focused.

Moms will appreciate the convenience of our Motherly Memo. The 5” square memos offer two lines of personalization and up to five names with check boxes. They’re the perfect way to communicate with teachers, bus drivers, babysitters, tutors and coaches. Contained in an acrylic holder, these memos will always be close at hand for those last-minute notes.

The Motherly Memo or Motherly Message Card would also make a useful teacher’s tool. Personalized with a teacher’s name and class, they would be perfect for sending a note home to parents or a reminder to a student. Check box ideas include Contact Me, Notice, Assignments, Reminder, etc. Or how about the Apple Memo Square for your favorite teacher? 275 personalized memo squares in an acrylic holder will be a welcome addition to any educator’s desk.


The Carnival Anthony Tablet Set is the colorful version of our popular Anthony Tablet Set.

For the student who needs to stay on top of assignments, deadlines and projects, the Organize by Day Slab or Organize by Week Slab are the perfect tools for writing down all your tasks and goals. One glance at your sheet will help you stay on track throughout the day.

The Anthony 7 Tablets with Holder is our most popular memo set. It features an exclusive, modern lettering on a set of seven notepads. Simply supply a name and choose from one of eight matte ink colors to create a unique gift or an attractive accessory for your own desk. A white-wrapped textured linen holder keeps the set neat and organized.

A new school year offers fresh opportunities for students and teachers alike. Help them be their best with fun, personalized and affordable stationery.

Gifts for Engaged Couples

holding handsPreparing for a wedding is an exciting and busy time for engaged couples.  There are so many things to think about and organize.  The days fly by in a whirlwind of plans, appointments, and happy social events.

Whether there will be many casual get-togethers or one formal wedding shower, there are plenty of occasions for gift-giving and wishing the couple future happiness.  Showing off their new name as a married couple for the first time is always thrilling and Giftsin24 has a wide selection of personalized gift ideas, including notes, cards, tablets, notepads and napkins.

Couples 7 Tablet Set:  The perfect gift! Both their first names combined with their new family name, on seven tablets of various sizes.

Family Photo Memo Square:  They can show off their favorite photo as they jot down notes and reminders.

Traditional Monogram Note:  Classic and understated, the ideal notes for writing wedding thank yous.

Family Pride Note:  Their family name surrounded by first names.  This is especially thoughtful for families that are blending through marriage.

Personalized Napkins and Guest Towels:  Always in style and always impressive.  They’ll enjoy using these at their first “official” get-together as Mr. and Mrs.

What’s So Special About Embossing?

Embossed, embossing, monogram, giftsin24.com

California Classic Frame Monogram Note updates the classic embossed monogram with a punch of color.

Embossing, which is a little like printing, but without the ink, makes stationery or napkins special.  Nothing says, “style, class and tradition” more than an embossed monogram or name on a piece of stationery.

That’s why embossed items make memorable and heart-felt gifts.

Embossing is a process where paper is squeezed between two molds, or dies, to create a raised impression on the paper.

How can you tell high-quality embossing from poor-quality embossing?

  • Look at the front of the paper. The edges should be crisp. This crisp quality is harder to achieve with thicker paper (but, of course, we’ve got that figured out.)
  • Now, look at the back of the paper. You should see a deep texture change in the embossed area. The paper should have been squeezed up and into the embossed pattern or lettering. If there’s just a shallow impression, then the embossing is inferior.
Embossing, Embossed, Giftsin24, Damask Note

Giftin24’s Damask Note is one of our finest examples of embossing.

GiftsIn24 and its parent company, Embossed Graphics, have been embossing stationery since 1978. Needless to say, we have perfected our technique over the last 36 years. In fact, we create the highest quality embossed personalized stationery out there.

One other thing you should know about our process, according to Richard Pauling, owner of GiftsIn24: We take the time to get the embossing done right. “Our operators have no quota to perform each day,” says Pauling. “They spend as much time as they need to on an order, even on the most demanding embossing projects.”

So, if you want to send a gift that says “wow” to someone special, consider these five embossed products, recommended by Richard. Pride and craftsmanship go into every product:

Classic Frame Monogram Note. A traditional border expertly embossed frames a gracefully winding monogram. Matching envelopes included. On sale in March 2014!

Banner Card. The embossing stands out on this creamy, triple-thick paper. Matching envelopes included. On sale in March 2014!

Blossom Note.  This note features a combination of exquisite embossing and raised ink printing. Matching envelopes included. Comes with free return address in March 2014.

California Classic Frame Monogram Note. Your choice of six colors will give a modern spin on the traditional monogram card. Matching envelopes included. On sale in March 2014!

Damask Note.  The embossed pattern on these notes is truly a work of art. Names appear in ink. Matching envelopes included. Comes with free return address in March 2014.

Personalized Save the Date Cards

Even though snow may be falling and the winter feels endless, it’s reassuring to know that spring is just around the corner.  Summer won’t be far behind, and that means summer parties and outdoor entertaining to look forward to.

In spite of the wintry conditions outside – or maybe because of them – it’s fun to think about and plan for the summer events we all enjoy.  Do you have a wedding shower or baby shower to plan?  How about an anniversary celebration, birthday party or graduation party?  If you want to make sure that your guests will save the day for your special celebration, send them a Save the Date card.

Sending your guests a personalized Save the Date card helps ensure that your special day or party will be attended by the ones you want to share it with.  A simple personalized card with the date and particulars of your get-together will keep guests informed and up-to-date on details.   They can mark their calendars and look forward to your event with happy anticipation.

Guarantee that your guests will keep your celebration in mind with one of Giftsin24’s convenient and stylish Save the Date cards.