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Eminently romantic and utterly practical, our Calling and

Where did Calling Cards or Visiting Cards originate from?

The origination of the Visiting Card started before the 18th century. Visitors would leave handwritten notes at the home of friends who were not at home. This flat panel card featured the visitor's name and decorative imagery on the front panel and blank writing space on the back panel for leaving a personal note.

Over time the use of calling cards became more of a status symbol than a necessity. As with all status symbols there were specific rules as to how and when to use the calling card during social engagements. This also included what was printed on the card.

What should be included on a calling card?

    Information included on a calling card:
  • Name
  • Titles or Rank
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
Visiting Cards are perfectly sized for stowing in a purse or jacket pocket. Use them for quick visits, new acquaintances and other spur of the moment jottings.

Although we live in a digital age, nothing beats a face-to-face handshake for solidifying a relationship. And Calling and Visiting Cards still have a place. Featuring smooth, thick paper that's sized just right, these Cards do the job. After all, old-fashioned manners never go out of style.