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More than fine stationery. Fine rewards.

Enjoy these special benefits with your membership to our Fine Rewards loyalty program:

  • Earn points with every purchase
  • Redeem points for free or discounted products
  • 24-hour access to your account

To enjoy these rewards, you'll need to earn Points. Get Points when you:

  • Sign up for our Fine Rewards loyalty program
  • Make a purchase from Giftsin24.com
  • Add a return address or linings to your envelopes
  • Add a gift ribbon
  • Order multiple items in one purchase

Collect more Points, earn more rewards.

Joining is easy. Track your Points online, and we'll send an email when you've earned a reward.

The Giftsin24.com Fine Rewards program offers one point for every dollar spent. In addition, if your total is $25.95 we reward you with not 25 Fine Rewards points but 26 Fine Rewards points.

The Fine Rewards program is only available to registered members. Giftsin24.com reserves the right to modify, update or terminate the Fine Rewards program without notice. Giftsin24.comreserves the right to remove and/or terminate a member's account without notice based on malicious conduct as determined by Giftsin24.com.

Fine Rewards points are valid for merchandise redemption only. Fine Rewards points cannot be redeemed for cash, Giftsin24.com Gift Certificates, or any other future non-merchandise items. Fine Rewards points are only applied to the price of the merchandise. Redemption of Fine Rewards points is not valid as payment on State, Federal, or Provincial Tax or shipping fees.

Current Rewards Point Details
Points for Initial Signup100
Points Earned per Dollar Spent1.00
Points Earned for Adding Gift Ribbon4
Points Earned for Adding Return Address25
Points Earned for Adding Envelope Lining50
Points Per Additional Item in Purchase25
Points Earned for making purchase in a Month10

Merchandise Point Values (Examples)

msw001hHighland Memo Square - White with holder865 pts
fr5018Viola Note - Raised Ink1,766 pts
ce6311Banner Card - Embossed1,599 pts
hfz522Rosario Napkin - Foil-Pressed1,065 pts

Fine Rewards points can be used for all items displayed on the Giftsin24.com web site. The items shown above are for point value reference only.