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Giftsin24.com Gift Rewards Program v2.0

Giftsin24.com offers a comprehensive Gift Rewards program for registered members. Anyone may become a registered member by selecting the 'Login or Sign Up' link on the Giftsin24.com web site and completing the personalized membership form. If you have already created your member account then you are automatically enrolled in the Gift Rewards program.

The Giftsin24.com Gift Rewards program gives you the ability to SAVE, EARN and CREATE your own personal Gift Rewards program. We provide you with the tools and expertise and you develop a Gift Rewards program that suits your lifestyle.

Why should I join this Gift Rewards program?

It is easy.

We create a positive and simple joining experience. Register online and you will automatically begin earning points.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards

  • Redeem your points 24 hours a day
  • Access your personalized Gift Rewards membership 24 hours a day
  • Receive Giftsin24.com exclusive newsletter and promotions
  • Purchase gifts from Giftsin24.com - earn points
  • Earn points just for signing up
  • Add a return address or linings to your envelopes - earn extra points
  • Add a gift ribbon - earn extra points
  • Order multiple items - earn extra points
  • Earn extra points for every month you make a purchase
  • Additional Gift Rewards will be announced.

The Giftsin24.com Gift Rewards program offers one point for every dollar spent. In addition, if your total is $25.95 we reward you with not 25 Gift Rewards points but 26 Gift Rewards points.

The Gift Rewards program is only available to registered members. Giftsin24.com reserves the right to modify, update or terminate the Gift Rewards program without notice. Giftsin24.com reserves the right to remove and/or terminate a member's account without notice based on malicious conduct as determined by Giftsin24.com.

Gift Rewards points are valid for merchandise redemption only. You may redeem these points during most promotions, sales and coupon specials as well. However, because our Two for One Sale offers such a deep discount, we are unable to accept Rewards points to pay for those purchases. Gift Rewards points cannot be redeemed for cash, Giftsin24.com Gift Certificates, or any other future non-merchandise items. Gift Rewards points are only applied to the price of the merchandise. Redemption of Gift Rewards points is not valid as payment on State, Federal, or Provincial Tax or shipping fees.

Current Rewards Point Details
Points for Initial Signup100
Points Earned per Dollar Spent1.00
Points Earned for Adding Gift Ribbon4
Points Earned for Adding Return Address25
Points Earned for Adding Envelope Lining50
Points Per Additional Item in Purchase25
Points Earned for making purchase in a Month10

Merchandise Point Values (Examples)

egr58Anthony Squares Point Value799 pts
egr17bBishop Informal Notes1,032 pts
egr50aEmbossed One-Initial Cards1,132 pts
egr55bEurostile Studio Cards1,166 pts
egr82aEmbassy Gift Enclosures899 pts

Gift Rewards points can be used for all items displayed on the Giftsin24.com web site. The items shown above are for point value reference only.