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Delavan Monogram Note - Raised Ink
$44.95 / set of 25
Family Arch List - White with holder
Somerset Wardrobe - Raised Ink


Your lettering styles are the most original Iíve seen in any line of personalized papers. I have never been interested in the old standards Ė Helvetica, Times Roman, etc. I like the fresh new lettering designs like your Anthony and Dennis typefaces. I love the designer monograms here at Giftsin24, such as Firenze, Paris, Elise & Whitlock monograms. Itís such a nice feature that these monograms are available on folded notes, cards, and on party napkins. I salute Giftsin24 for the work you have done on new typographic designs. Our country needs more innovative companies like yours.
-- Franklin Roberts

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