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Personalized Business Cards

A business card, as defined by Wikipedia, is a card bearing business information about a company or individual. At Giftsin24.com, we agree with this statement. A business card is an essential tool for anyone conducting business. In many settings, the business card is the first and perhaps the last form of contact information your potential client, customer, or vendor may receive from you. With that being said, you need to make sure your personalized business card has all of the key components today's business card needs.
    Key Components of a Modern Day Personalized Business Cards:
  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Company Website
  • Company Mailing Address
    (be sure to include the suite # or anything specific to your location so information, packages and people can find you)
  • Social Media Addresses

What makes up a personalized business card?

A personalized business card combines paper, ink, and convenience into a very compact package that is suitable for any business interaction. Let's start with the business card size. The typical size of a business card is 3.5" wide by 2" high. Although you can create your business card in any shape or size, we like to think of it as a blank canvas waiting for inspiration.

The paper your information is printed on says a lot. Thin paper tends to give a sense of being temporary or disposable and the time and energy placed in creating your business card is not something we feel should be disposable, that is why we offer on most of our business cards 3 papers which we feel provide the correct look and feel.
    Paper Options:
  • 80# Gloss Paper
    A versatile paper, with a smooth, glossy finish and a soft feel.
  • 14pt. Matte White Paper
    A thick paper, with a smooth finish. This paper has a classical feel with substantial body.
  • 14pt. Matte Ivory Paper
    The sister to our Matte White Paper, the Matte Ivory Paper has an elegant cream color with old-world charm while being as substantial as our Matte White Paper.
  • 18pt. Matte White Paper
    Our ultra-thick paper. This bright white paper is thick. Period. You will love the texture of the paper and the way it feels in your hand.
  • 18pt. Matte Ivory Paper
    If you are looking for the perfect combination of ivory color and ultra-thick paper, the Matte Ivory Paper is the correct choice every day, all day.
Personalization is typically provided in a landscape format, with the text running parallel to the longest edge. At Giftsin24.com we currently offer two printing options for your Personalized Business Cards. Option number 1 is Raised-Ink or Thermography printing. The Raised-Ink printing process created the look of an engraved business card but with a modern twist by combining ink and plastic to create a raised, textural feel when holding the business card. This type of printing has been done for years and still looks timeless today as it did when this process first was developed. Our second printing option is Flat-Ink or Digital printing. The Digital Printing option is prepared on our high-speed presses and allows for more color combinations than compared to Raised-Ink.