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You're Invited – A Guide to Wedding Invitations

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What are the essential pieces required for announcing a wedding?

  • First and foremost is your wedding invitation. The wedding invitation is an official letter to the recipient requesting attendance to your wedding. Timing is key with every wedding invitation sent and it should arrive five to eight weeks before the wedding date.

  • The second critical piece for any wedding is the response card. The wedding response card includes two parts. First is the response card, which allows the future guest to include the number of people attending and, but not required, their meal of choice. Typically the bride-to-be would handwrite the guest's name on this card. This is used as an indication of whom is invited to the event. The second piece is the pre-stamped and addressed envelope for your guests to return their acceptance of your invitation. Many modern wedding skip this portion and allow guests to use the internet for responding which is fine but tradition and proper etiquette requires a formal response in writing.

  • Third is the reception card. Guests need to know where the party is going to happen, so this handy wedding reception card is perfect to get them there in a timely manner and as an added bonus the reception card fits perfectly in any purse, handbag or pants pocket. Be sure to include special details such as the start time and when cocktails and food will be served so guests arrive before you are announced during the reception.

  • Lastly, every married couple needs a set of personalized wedding informal notes. Saying 'Thank You' during the reception is fine, but a written note thanking your guests for attending and even giving a gift is mandatory. The front of the informal note should include the married couples names printed in raised ink; it should not simply say the words 'Thank you' on the front. Be sure to include your new residence in the informal note envelope so family and friends can visit often.

We hope your wedding day is a smashing success and if anyone at can help make your day extra special please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. We are always here to help.