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What is a Letter Sheet?

A letter sheet was originally designed to be a communication tool which served two purposes; first it was the location to write your personal message and second it was folded for postal delivery. The paper letter sheet was folded and a wax seal was used to close for delivery. In many cases the letter sheet, when purchased, included the postage required for mailing. Over the years letter sheets became more intricate, with gummed edging applied so a wax seal was no longer needed. The letter sheet was easily closed by moistening the gum and folding into what looks like today as a modern envelope.

More information about the history of the letter sheet can be found on the Wikipedia site.
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What is the modern Letter Sheet?

Giftsin24.com offers two styles of modern letter sheets. The first style focuses on the paper and all of its intrinsic beauty. Why do we do this? Well at Giftsin24.com, we feel an embossed letter sheets allows the natural characteristics of the paper to come out through the addition of your personal monogram or name boldly embossed into the paper. The second style focuses on our handsome raised print which are offered in a proper collection of ink colors. The raised print letter sheet has a professional look and style. All of our papers accept ink from fountain pens or ballpoint pens with ease. The smooth texture of the paper allows for fluid writing with minimal resistance.

The modern day letter sheet is not complete with a finely crafted envelope. All of our envelopes are created in house and are made from the same exact paper as the letter sheet. This attention to detail allows for proper color matching, paper quality which is not the case with other stationery providers.