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Our Best 3 Gift Ideas for a New Grad

A newly minted diploma is cause for celebration. The new graduate is jubilant. Parents are beaming like the sun with pride. The party is planned. You’ve dug out your favorite summer outfit and are ready to fête the student of honor and his or her new achievement.

We’ve gathered our 3 favorite gifts we think no new graduate can do without.

Highland Card from Giftsin24.com ships in 24 hours.

Any new graduate would love the Highland Card from Giftsin24. Customize it with a lettering style, ink color and optional border or hand-inserted envelope lining.

Personalized Stationery

Nothing says “grown up” more than having your own personalized stationery. Particularly for a college grad looking for a new job, think of all those circumstances where personalized stationery will really come in handy, from the interview thank you to keeping key professional connections alive.

Monograms, names, embossed, raised ink, the possibilities are endless, but we particularly like the classic good looks of the new Highland Card. Because young people are so mobile these days, skip the optional return address. But a border or envelope lining or even 100% cotton paper could be very, very nice.




Treasured Moment Picture Frame from Giftsin24.com ships in 24 hours.

Personalize the Treasure Moment Picture Frame and include a favorite photograph from the graduate’s school years.

Picture Frame

A new graduate probably has at least several cherished high school or college photographs. A special prom date. Earning straight A’s.  Hanging out with your best buddies. Scoring the winning touch down. Giving a speech. Crossing a finish line. All of these moments and more make up the memories of our school years.

We like the Treasured Moment Picture Frame, but we offer frames with other motifs that could work just as beautifully. You can personalize it with the graduate’s name, school, graduation date, nickname, small caption, or any other short message.



Senior Class Keepsake Ornament for the graduate from giftsin24 ships in 24 hours.

Personalize the Senior Class Keepsake Ornament to use as a gift, gift tag or table place marker.

Personalized Ornament

Every year, we open our box of Christmas ornaments to discover a treasure trove of memories, from a birth to family vacations, the school years and much more. Giftsin24 is proud to offer personalized ornaments that mark important occasions. These engraved glass ornaments also can be used as gift tags, table place markers, party favors and more.

For graduates, we love the Senior Class Keepsake Ornament. It comes in clear or red glass and includes space for the graduate’s name. Presented with a silver ribbon in a velvet pouch, the ornament will serve as a proud reminder of the graduate’s achievement for years to come.

Fill a Mason Jar with Love for Teachers, Grads, Dads & More

Personalized mason jars from giftsin24 ship in 24 hours.

Fill our personalized mason jars with treats to create cute party favors or gifts.

Sometimes giving is the best present. The feedback and love you get back can catapult your week from ho-hum to spectacularly happy.

Like when Lupe and Michaela, our wonderful customer service representatives, decided to thank a group of people by personalizing our Desmond Mason Jars, filling them with candy and sending them off as a “surprise.”

As you can see, they turned out really cute.

“We brainstormed some of our favorite sayings and played around with the different lettering styles to find combinations we liked,” says Michaela.

“The fabric and gift tags were on sale at our local craft store. It was really easy, affordable, and fun to put everything together,” says Lupe.

And when their friends opened the package? They sent a ton of warm fuzzies back to Lupe and Michaela.

“We really made their day. They were super excited to receive our surprise gifts,” says Michaela.

Endlessly Customizable Mason Jar

Personalize our mason jars for a lot of different purposes throughout the year…

  • end-of-year teacher thank you gifts
  • graduation gifts
  • Father’s Day gifts
  • party favors
  • thanking clients
  • cheering up friends

With a little bit of advanced planning, you can create an affordable, cute, practical gift that is endlessly customizable for just about any occasion. Above all, they enable you to respond to the people around you and express the love and gratitude you hold for all of your relationships.

See our collection of personalized mason jars here.



Personalized Gifts for Grads

Giftsin24 offers a wide selection of notepads that can be customized as gifts for grads.

Reward the graduate’s hard work with a high quality personalized notepad from Giftsin24.

Graduation. It’s an exciting time for many young adults, as well as returning adult students who seek to move ahead or change careers. They put in years of hard work, and now they are hopeful that their efforts will pay off in a rewarding job…or at least one that pays the bills.

Create thoughtful gifts for grads with our notepads and memos, now on sale this month. Personalize one line with their name and the second line with “Class of 2015” or the name of their school or mascot.  The new graduate will treasure this memento long after the notes of “Pomp and Circumstance” fade.

Our Favorites

Morning Glory Super Slab   The Morning Glory Super Slab incorporates a lively cursive lettering style on two lines of personalization. Choose one of seven vibrant colors on this spacious square slab. It offers the newly minted graduate a place to write down job leads, imagine new pathways or simply decorate their new desk at work.

Family Photo Desk Slab Incorporate a photograph of the graduation ceremony to commemorate the big day.  This desk slab also includes a choice of 15 lettering styles, two lines of personalization and a small photo.  Beautiful, thick, high quality paper makes this desk slab a treat!

watercolor super slab new from giftsin24.com

Watercolor Super Slab keeps your memos, lists and message organized and a pleasure to look at.

Watercolor Monogram Desk Slab   We can think of so many uses for our Watercolor Monogram Desk Slab: personal reminders, staff memos, love notes, gifts for grads…you get the picture! Featuring our Classic monogram in 7 soft colors, this desk slab makes a fresh, modern statement. The desk slab transitions from the graduate’s home to his or her office.

“Dear New Grad…” 5 Tips for Quick, Easy Send-off Letters

Writing letters to graduates can be a wonderful way to send them off into the world. Use these five tips to write a congratulatory letter to a new grad.

Write letters to graduates with these 5 writing tips

Writing congratulatory letters to graduates is easy with these five writing tips from www.giftsin24.com

1. Acknowledge their achievement.

In the first line or two, acknowledge the graduate’s accomplishment.

“After four years of hard work, you’ve done it! Congratulations on graduating!”

2. Remember their past. 

The second sentence could reference a memory you have of the graduate in younger days or, if it’s an adult who has returned to school, reference a memory of the adult’s previous career or life stage, such as stay-at-home mommyhood.

“I remember when you were a tot building block castles and looking up with wonder at the church tower.”

3. Link back to their effort

If you can, in the next sentence, link the memory back to the graduate’s accomplishment.

“And now you have completed your degree in design!”

4. Project forward to their future

Next, you can predict or hope for their future success. Or, give the graduate a well-selected piece of advice.

“You obviously have many skills and talents, and I hope that you are able to find fulfilling work that also pays the bills.”

5. Finish with love

Close with a heartfelt statement of your admiration or love.

“I love you and wish you the best in life, always!”

Gifts for Graduates

Gifts for graduates from giftsin24.com

Personalized stationery make perfect gifts for graduates.

It’s that time of year…mortar boards are flying, proud young adults are smiling into cameras, and parents are wondering how the time flew by so quickly.

No doubt about it, graduation is an exciting time. Mark this milestone with a gift that announces entry into adulthood: personalized stationery. Nothing says “grown up” more than a fancy embossed monogram. And nothing’s more useful than a notepad to keep the job search or college assignments organized.

Here are some of our favorite gifts for graduates:

1. Notable Note: This colorful raised ink monogram feels bubbly and young. These folded note cards are perfect for writing thank you notes for gifts and job interviews. Come in a set of 50, with matching envelopes.

2. Paris Monogram NoteFlirty and feminine, these folded note cards will please any young woman ready to make her way in the world. Set of 50 includes matching envelopes.

3. Stacked Monogram CardWith clean lines and a classic border, these single pane cards have a masculine feel. Set of 50 cards include matching envelopes.


Super Slab Carnival is a practical and thoughtful gift.

4. Morning Glory List with Holder: She or he will be organized and ready for whatever comes next with this pad of lined sheets personalized with a name. The set includes 170 sheets, 25 envelopes and a holder.

5. Super Slab CarnivalA carnival of colors and large format make this a memorable and practical gift for the graduate. 250 7-inch by 8-inch pages in each pad.