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Making To-Do Lists You’ll Love To Do

You'll love making to do lists on our watercolor super slab

NEW! Watercolor Super Slab keeps your memos, lists and message organized and a pleasure to look at.

When you’re busy, there’s nothing like a written list to keep you on track. Making to do lists is an indispensable daily ritual for many desk jockeys, soccer moms and weekend warriors.

No doubt about it, crossing off tasks is satisfying — but when the tasks are written on beautifully designed paper, checking them off can be even more pleasurable…not to mention more professional looking. Our new line of Watercolor products is the perfect answer.

We’ve updated and enlarged our Classic monogram, bringing it to life in 7 soft colors.

Watercolor memos and desk slabs make a fresh, modern statement that transitions from home to office. Dip your brush in every hue to create memorable gifts for friends, family, teachers and coworkers.

Making to do lists was never so fun.

Watercolor Monogram Desk Slab  Our popular desk slab, updated with a beautifully crafted monogram in your choice of seven soft colors.

Watercolor Monogram Super Slab Our super slab has never looked prettier! The eye-catching monogram appears subtly in the background, so your ideas and thoughts can take center stage.

Watercolor Memo Square with Holder   Keep your to-do lists neat and tidy with these just-right-sized memo squares in a trim little holder.



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