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Proud to Be an American Company

On July 4th, we celebrate our country and all it means to us…its beauty, opportunities and freedoms. We are proud to be an American company.

This year, we are also celebrating our 40th anniversary in business! We are a leading manufacturer of social stationery right here in America. When you buy from our American company, you support the domestic economy and workers.

Here’s an example: When you purchase our products, your money pays the salaries of our workers at our Aurora, Illinois, facility in America’s heartland. We also pay our suppliers, like Wisconsin-based Neenah paper and FedEx. Our workers, our suppliers, and our suppliers’ workers further circulate this money throughout the economy, when they buy food at the grocery store and pay taxes that support schools and libraries or infrastructure like roads.

Over the past 40 years, while our business has seen its ups and downs, American manufacturing has shrunk dramatically, shedding good-paying jobs in the process. We are one of the survivors.

Made in the U.S.A.

As the country struggles with an anemic recovery from the 2008 economic recession, people wonder how to create more American jobs. Consumer power is one way. This year, retail giant Walmart pledged to stock more US-made products in its stores, for example. If consumers buy more American-made products, companies can afford to hire more workers and invest in their businesses. Hopefully their success will encourage new manufacturing companies to start up, providing more jobs and fueling the economy.

American companies like ours abide by fair labor laws. We also conform to EPA regulations. You can rest assured that workers are being treated fairly and that the environment around our manufacturing plant is not polluted. These safeguards are often absent in other countries. Companies there may make products more cheaply, but at a terrible cost to workers, nearby residents and the environment.

We hope you’ll agree that American-made products are the best ones. Thank you for your support.

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