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Easter Basket Surprises

Choose giftsin24 for fun and personalized Easter basket ideas.

Choose giftsin24 for colorful and fun Easter basket ideas. Our personalized gifts will delight and amuse everyone. But first…

Fun Easter facts:

• Easter is the second best-selling candy holiday in America, after Halloween.

• The largest Easter egg ever made was over 25 feet high and weighed over 8,000 pounds. It was built out of chocolate and marshmallow and supported by an internal steel frame.

•  Hares and rabbits have long been symbols of Easter. In Germany, people began incorporating these soft furry creatures in Easter customs. Over the centuries, they told tales of an “Easter hare” who laid eggs for children to find.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas

The traditions of Easter include colored eggs, lots of chocolate and candy, and of course, Easter baskets.  If you’re looking for fun and creative Easter basket ideas this year, take a look at Giftsin24. You’ll find colorful, useful and personalized gifts that go beyond the usual Peeps and jelly beans.

How about a set of personalized notes, cards or tablets?  Imagine their delight when they find this unexpected treasure, nestled in among the treats in their basket.   Personalized with their name, a gift of stationery makes a thoughtful and loving present for all the special people you want to remember on this holiday.

Children especially will enjoy writing notes to grandparents and friends on their very own stationery.  Browse our Youthful Gifts category for personalized gift ideas for that special boy or girl.  We have bright and colorful designs in notes, memos and tablets.

Remember your loved ones this Easter with personalized gifts. They will enjoy them long after the holiday is over.

Our Favorite Tooth Fairy Messages

Nighttime visits from the tooth fairy are a memorable family tradition. And when she tucks a short message under the pillow for that sweet little lost tooth, it’s even more exciting for children. Because children typically lose 20 baby teeth from the age of 6 through 13, there are lots of opportunities to write creative notes. Save these along with other childhood keepsakes. Attached to a picture of your child sporting an adorable, missing-tooth smile, these notes are perfect for scrapbooks, too.

Advice for Tooth Fairy Notes from Giftsin24.comThe tooth fairy can be as creative as she wants to be. She also often can use beautifully printed stationery – in diminutive dimensions, of course. Here are some of our favorite messages:

Dear Susie: Thank you for the sweet tooth you left under your pillow last night. It’s perfect for my collection! From, the Tooth Fairy

Dear Juan: Thank you for the tooth–it’s so shiny and white! Keep on brushing.  Signed, the Tooth Fairy

Dear LaTisha: What a fine tooth you’ve left for me! Please take care of the next ones that grow in. After all, you’ll have them for the rest of your life! Kindly, the Tooth Fairy

Dear Lindsay:  I’m so sorry I’m late in picking up your tooth. It was a busy week, and I got tied up across the world in France, where there was an epidemic of lost teeth for some reason, I can’t figure out why. Please accept my apologies. It’s a terrific tooth and will go nicely with the others. From, the Tooth Fairy

Dear Marni: My, what a pretty little tooth you’ve left me! And this is the second one this month! You are keeping me busy! But it’s always a pleasure to visit you. Keep brushing! Signed, the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Stationery

Consider several giftsin24 stationery sets that can be customized with her name. Here are our top three ideas:

Highland Enclosure:  Tiny cards for a tiny fairy. Personalize them with “Tooth Fairy” and you’ve got the perfect card-and-envelope set sized just right for a fairy. And with 50 cards to a set, there are enough for two children.

Roman Name Gift Enclosure: The matching envelopes, included in this set of 50 cards, easily accomodate a coin or dollar bill, perhaps even some glitter. Simply personalize with “Tooth Fairy” and she’s good to go. Happy note-writing!

Dream Squares Refill:  A simple, inexpensive solution. The Tooth Fairy can add her name to these eye-catching star-themed memo sheets. Just roll them up with a ribbon and perhaps a coin taped to the center or a bill tucked inside.  With 300 pages, she won’t run out.

Personalized Tween Gifts

Looking for tween gifts? It’s especially difficult to find that special gift for a tween (9 – 12 years old). You want something that’s colorful and fun.  You want something she’ll enjoy sharing with her friends and something he won’t be embarrassed to use.  But you may also need some help choosing the right colors, and you don’t want it to break the bank.

Terrific Tween Gifts

Here are a few great ideas for $25.95 or less from Giftsin24 for all those special tweens on your gift list:

Caprice Notes make great tween gifts

Caprice Notes make great tween gifts. They ship in 24 hours.

Anthony Memo Square with CrystalClear Holder – Our most popular memo square, organized in a holder, is perfect for a desktop or in their locker at school.
Caprice Note – A fun 4” x 5” foldover note with colorful personalization.  The envelopes are available with optional lining patterns and colors. Ideal for writing thank you notes or pass a note to a friend.
Billboard Desk Slab – A 6” x 6” tablet of 250 sheets in a choice of 8 personalization colors.  She can doodle, write notes and share messages with friends.
Family & Friends Tablets –8 tablets of 100 sheets. Each tablet can have a different name (perfect to share with his or her friends!) or a different creative message on each one
Sport_Note_Design_D_KF46a_501Sport Note – For the sports enthusiast!  Choose from 6 different sports motifs, 6 lettering styles, and 10 raised ink colors.  Your athlete will love these notes.

Browse our online selection of notes, cards, tablets and memos.  You’re sure to find the perfect gift at the perfect price.