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Back to School with Lunchtime Love Notes

Create personalized stationery that you can use for lunchbox love notes.

Create lunchbox love notes with our personalized stationery. Shown here are two kinds of gift enclosures, Festive and Executive.

You’ve made the sandwich, added an apple and filled up the water bottle. What’s left? How about tucking in a small token of your love: a lunchtime note from mom or dad. You can create lunchbox love notes easily and affordably at Giftsin24.com.

All grade schoolers, especially the kindergartners and first-graders  venturing to school for the first time, look forward to opening a lunch box and enjoying treats from home. And when there’s a little love note from mom or dad in there, well…it makes lunchtime even more fun!

Including a lunchtime note is a beautiful ritual that you can enjoy throughout the years. Include a small joke, a sweet message of encouragement, or reminders to “eat your veggies!”

Giftsin24.com offers all kinds of stationery you can personalize for this purpose, from notepads to gift enclosures to our line of children’s stationery. Try “Note from Daddy” or “Hello Honeybun” or other nickname, or “Lunchtime Love.” And remember, if you want more than 50 of the gift enclosures or children’s notes, you can order the second (or third) set at a discount.

Gift Enclosures

The Highland Gift Enclosure features a more casual script. Personalize it with a choice of 8 vivid ink colors.  Fifty envelopes come with the 25 enclosures.

Notepads & Memo Squares

The Aviator Memo Square  offers two lines to play with. The colored paper adds a happy touch to lunch time.

The Heart Square is another memo square that features a cute heart design and one line of personalization.

Gaiety Note

Personalize the front Gaiety Note with a few loving words to set a happy tone at lunchtime.

Youthful Notes

We have a wide variety of stationery featuring youthful lettering styles, such as our Sguiggle Note and Color Me Oversized Note. Your little ones will enjoy the happy letters that march along the front, and inside, you’ll have plenty of room to write.

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