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Color Me Oversized Note - Raised Ink
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5 stars 2018-07-02 By Kim
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Color Me Oversized Note - Raised Ink

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Children and artists everywhere will enjoy the unique block lettering of our oversized Color Me Notes. Markers, crayons, colored pencils, and watercolors...the choices are endless and so is the fun. Larger than our typical folded note, there's plenty of room to be creative. Raised ink personalization. Comes with 25 Pinnacle pointed-flap envelopes. Opt for the embossed return address, hand-inserted envelope linings, border or 100% cotton paper to create a special gift.
Item: fr6357
1 set (Quantity 25) personalized folded notes with matching Pinnacle envelopeswas $36.95, now $29.56
... with Borderwas $45.95, now $36.76
... with 100% Cotton Paperwas $69.95, now $55.96
Each additional identical setwas $20.00, now $16.00
... with Borderwas $29.00, now $23.20
... with 100% Cotton Paperwas $53.00, now $42.40
Additional options
Return address on envelopeswas $25.00, now $20.00
Hand-inserted envelope lining (per set)was $20.00, now $16.00
Gift ribbon (per gift box)was $5.00, now $4.00
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Item Options
Paper Colors:  View Samples  Ivory, White
Ink Colors:  View Samples  Black, Navy, Red, Fuchsia, Emerald, Slate, Mocha, Purple, Ocean, Gold, Silver
Envelope Options
Lining Colors:  View Samples  Black, Emerald, Fuchsia, Gold Foil, Mocha, Navy, Opal Foil, Purple, Red, Silver Foil, Slate

Item Details
Format: Horizontal
Paper Size: 4.5" x 6.25"
Standard Paper Stock: Double-Thick (110 lb. cover weight - folded note thick paper)
100% Cotton Paper Stock: Single-Thick (100 lb. text weight - smooth paper with the proper thickness)
Personalization Process: Raised Ink (Thermography)

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