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Pet Projects: Custom Photo Stationery Featuring Pets

Family Photo Super Slabs from Giftsin24

Show off your pet with our Family Photo Super Slab and other photo products.

The hot, humid weather around most of the country in early September –“the dog days of summer” — got us to thinking … does your pet need his or her own stationery? We’ve got it! Giftsin24 photo products are perfect for personalizing stationery featuring pets. They are perfect for showing off your pooch, pet cat or parakeet.

And they, of course, work just as well in portraying kids. Or friends, loved ones, new homes, and just about anything else you can capture in a photo.

Giftsin24 will print your photo memoes in vibrant colors and ship your gift within 24 hours most days.

Check out…

Family Photo Super Slab The photo will be featured on the bottom right of the slab while you have one line of personalization at the top. Each set is custom created using an easy-to-use download tool for your .jpeg photo.

Family Photo Desk Slab  Smaller dimensions than the Super Slab above, but perfect for your desk or counter top.

Family Photo Agenda  If you have lots of pets, this long photo can show all of them off…that is, if you can get them to stay still long enough to pose for the photo.

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