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5 Steps to Getting Organized in 2015

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Assign a task to each day and you’ll get your new year’s resolution accomplished in no-time!

A new year. A fresh start. Turning over into a new year means turning a new leaf on old habits. And getting organized consistently ranks as one of the most popular new year’s resolutions.

Search “getting organized,” and you’ll find dozens of websites offering hundreds of tips. They cover such things as how to organize your home, your wardrobe, your kitchen cabinets or your day.

5 Tips

No matter what you’re organizing, here are five top ways to make good on your intention and keep the momentum going:

1. Write it down. Keep your goals up front with a good old-fashioned to-do list tacked to your bulletin board or taped to your bathroom mirror.

2. Break projects into steps. Is your goal to declutter your closets? Break it down by location (foyer, broom closet, hall, bath, pantry, etc.). And keep pen and paper nearby as you do them to write down any chores or projects that result from each of these, such as mending mittens, dropping off a box of outgrown clothes at your favorite charity or restocking toothpaste.

3. Assign dates. Schedule specific blocks of time into your calendar for each step. Be realistic. Break tasks into pieces and assign time frames to them, even down to the minutes.

4. Cut yourself some slack. There’s a psychological aspect to changing habits. If you begin to procrastinate or get off track, forgive yourself and start somewhere else. Maybe that first task is too large? Break it down into even smaller chunks, even if they are minuscule, like gathering boxes and trash bags near your closet. Small victories along the way help your momentum. Struggling? Call a super-organized family member or friend for help getting started.

5. Cross off your accomplishments. It feels great to watch your progress! Remember to celebrate your victories!

Looking for pretty and functional to-do lists? Giftsin24 offers a variety of personalized notepads, such as weekly slabs, daily slabs, and family slabs.

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