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Gifts for Terrific Tweens

Gifts for Tweens at Giftsin24.com

Tweens (kids ages 9-12) are at a wonderful stage in life.

For the Tween girl or boy in your life, all the world’s a stage at this age. Tweens (roughly ages 9-12) are growing out of their stuffed animals, but not quite ready for The Hunger Games.

Kids this age still are drawn to the worlds of magic and imagination. They are developing their sense of self and self-esteem. As they explore who they are, they can be sensitive to how others perceive them. This is also the age when girls may turn away from sports or decide they don’t like math, due to peer pressure or other messages in the mainstream media.

Help the tween in your life be who he or she wants to be by encouraging him or her to follow their own star and not worry about what others think.

If you have a terrific tween in your life who is having a birthday or will make the transition to middle school this summer, we have some gifts for tweens that celebrate the young man or woman they are becoming. Check these out.

Great Gifts for Tweens

Sport Note  The perfect gift for an aspiring young athlete. Proclaim a love of sports with these fun, raised-ink illustrations. Five designs: crossed baseball bats, basketball, football, volleyball, and crossed hockey sticks. Offered in a choice of raised-ink colors, including fuchsia, navy and emerald, as well as 6 playful lettering styles.

Modern Dot Ensemble Stand out and get noticed with our dotted specialty ensemble. Choose white or ivory paper and their favorite raised-ink color.

Aviator Carnival Memo Square Reinvent your style with this colorful memo square. Add two lines at the top and the bottom for the ultimate customization in black ink. Colors come in Terra Green, Pulsar Pink and Lunar Blue.


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