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Olympus Wardrobe - Raised Ink
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5 stars  5 customer reviews
5 stars 2018-12-08 By A. Walker
I can always count on GI24 for the best, highest quality paper and also beautiful!

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Olympus Wardrobe - Raised Ink

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Make the Olympus Wardrobe one of your secret weapons and you'll always be prepared. Includes 25 Apex cards, 25 Correspondence cards, and 25 Enclosure cards, along with 75 envelopes. Beautifully printed in a pleasing mix of two lettering styles. Choose your raised-ink color. Optional hand-inserted lining and return address on the envelopes.
Item: wr3324
25 personalized flat Apex cards 25 personalized flat correspondence cards 25 personalized flat gift enclosure cards with matching Pinnacle envelopeswas $50.95, now $40.76
Each additional identical setwas $50.95, now $40.76
Additional options
Return address on envelopeswas $38.00, now $30.40
Hand-inserted envelope lining (per set)$55.00
Gift ribbon (per gift box)$5.00
Message on packing slipFree

Item Options
Paper Colors:  View Samples  Ivory, White
Ink Colors:  View Samples  Black, Navy, Cherry, Fuchsia, Emerald, Slate, Gold, Silver
Envelope Options
Lining Colors:  View Samples  Black, Cherry, Emerald, Fuchsia, Gold Foil, Navy, Opal Foil, Orange, Silver Foil, Slate

Item Details
Format: Horizontal
Paper Sizes: Assorted
Apex Card (4.8" x 7")
Correspondence Card (4.5" x 6.25")
Gift Enclosure Card (2" x 3.5")
Paper Stock: Double-Thick (110 lb. cover weight - folded note thick paper)
Personalization Process: Raised Ink (Thermography)

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