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Firenze Monogram Guest Towel - Embossed
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5 stars  1 customer review
5 stars 2018-01-20 By Anonymous User
Monogrammed guest towels
These element guest towels are a perfect addition to my guest bathrooms. I highly recommend them.

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Firenze Monogram Guest Towel - Embossed

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Impress your guests with superior quality and design. Inspired by the graceful curves of sixteenth century Italian writing master Giovantonio Tagliente, the Firenze Monogram Embossed Guest Towel brings classic Italian style to your powder room, buffet or other party table. Your guests will appreciate the sturdy, 3-ply construction and crisp embossing.

These guest towels come in a large array of colors to match any decor.

Get the CrystalClear Holder to keep 25 guest towels tidy.
Item: gez612
1 set (Quantity 100) personalized 3-ply guest towels   $39.95
Each additional set   $35.00
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Item Options
Napkin Colors:White, Ivory, Navy, Black, Gray, Silver, Red, Sand, Classic Pink, Hot Pink, Wine, Purple

Item Details
Format: As Shown
Paper Size: 4.5" x 8.5"
Paper Stock: 3-ply guest towels
Personalization Process: Embossed (Subtle Raised Impression)

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