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Personalized Embossed Notes

With the largest selection of personalized Embossed Notes, Giftsin24 is always striving to create new and sophisticated items for your home and office. We also have fun and colorful notes for kids, appreciation gifts for teachers, family-inspired notes and thank you notes. Share them all year long.

The Embossing Process Is Timeless

The art of embossing a folded notecard is performed by craftsman using heat, pressure and an engraved die to stretch the paper fibers into your name, design, logo or monogram. It is an elegant process which has been around for eons and one that requires an experts touch. The goal is to emboss the paper while being cognizant to avoid tearing or breaking the paper's fibers.

What Makes Embossing Look Great?

We feel it is the subtle shape the paper takes on which provides the beauty of embossed folded notes. No other process allows the paper material to become the artwork. All other processes simply add embellishment on to the paper, where the embossing process allows the paper to be the focal point.

Send a Warm Thank You, a Quick Hello or Brief Note

Available in a variety of paper colors, styles and designs, our embossed notes can be used for all your personal correspondence. Whether you are writing a professional thank you after an interview, reuniting with a lost acquaintance and staying in touch with family and friends, you will create a memorable and thoughtful missive that won't be easily forgotten.