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Custom Napkin - Foil-Pressed
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5 stars  3 customer reviews
4 stars 2018-08-06 By km
Great napkins!
Very quick turnaround and turned out great! Very high quality for a reasonable price.

The only issue I had was turning my PDF/JPG/PNG logo files into an EPS file (the only file type accepted). Luckily, Giftsin24 customer service was able to assist me in converting it, but it would be great to offer an option to use one of those more common formats.

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Custom Napkin - Foil-Pressed

Ships in 24 Hours!When will it arrive?
Leave no detail to chance. For company events and meetings, as well as other special occasions, create napkins with foil-pressed logos and other artwork. Choose from a wide selection of paper colors, foil colors and either diamond or square format. Bordered edge. 200 minimum quantity.

Use our Downloadable Template (requires Adobe Illustrator)

Easy steps to create:
Open a new file in Adobe Illustrator.
Create an artboard in Adobe Illustrator that is 3.5" x 3.5".
Place your vector artwork within the dimensions.
Artwork must be 100% black (the black portion will be the foil image on napkin).
Diamond-Format?: Rotate artwork counterclockwise at a 45 degree angle.
Save as .eps file.
In the EPS options box, switch preview format to "None".

Get the CrystalClear Holder to keep 50 napkins tidy.
Item: hfz950
Minimum quantity: 2 sets (Quantity 200) personalized 3-ply beverage napkins
Additional sets are offered in quantity 100 increments.   
$57.95    View Price Table
Setup fee   $30.00
Gift note on packing slip   Free
FedEx Ground Shipping   Free

Item Options
Napkin Colors:White, Ivory, Navy, Black, Gray, Silver, Red, Espresso, Sand, Coral, Classic Pink, Hot Pink, Wine, Purple
Foil Colors:Black, White, Silver, Gold, Copper, Orange, Red, Pink, Bright Pink, Purple, Emerald, Royal Blue, Teal, Mint Green

Item Details
Format: Diamond or Square
Paper Size: Napkin Sizes Vary by color (4.75" x 4.75" OR 5" x 5")
Paper Stock: 3-ply cocktail beverage napkins
Personalization Process: Foil-Pressed (Shiny Impression)

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