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Custom Guest Towel - Embossed
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4 stars  1 customer review
4 stars 2019-07-22 By Mhh
Custom logo
This item turns out well, but I have ordered the same item numerous times and it would be great if I could save the logo. I have to upload each and every time!

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Custom Guest Towel - Embossed

When will it arrive?
Leave no detail to chance. For company events and meetings, as well as other special occasions, create guest towels with embossed logos and other promotional artwork. Choose from a wide selection of paper colors. Bordered edge. 200 minimum quantity.

What will my finished guest towel look like with my logo on it? This is a common question we receive daily. The answer is simple. The guest towel will look exquisite. We professionally stretch the paper fibers through our embossing process to bend and mold into the shape of your company logo. The process requires precision and craftsmanship so each embossed towel looks correct. Although your logo is displayed in the online preview in black and white, in actuality this is only a representation of your company logo. When produced all of the materials are the same color since it is only the paper being shaped during the modification process.

Use our Downloadable Template (requires Adobe Illustrator)

Easy steps to create:
Open a new file in Adobe Illustrator.
Create an artboard in Adobe Illustrator that is 3.5" x 3.5".
Place your vector artwork within the dimensions.
Artwork must be 100% black (the black portion will be the embossed image on guest towel).
Diamond-Format?: Rotate artwork counterclockwise at a 45 degree angle.
Save as .eps file.
In the EPS options box, switch preview format to "None".

If the preview shown does not appear correct please send an email to our customer service team for assistance. We will provide you with help in order to prevent the custom artwork from not working properly.

Get the CrystalClear Holder to keep 25 guest towels tidy.
Item: gez950
Minimum quantity: 2 sets (Quantity 200) personalized 3-ply guest towels Additional sets are offered in quantity 100 increments.was $117.00, now $93.60
Each additional identical setwas $32.00, now $25.60
Additional options
Message on packing slipFree

Item Options
Napkin Colors:White, Ivory, Navy, Black, Gray, Silver, Red, Sand, Classic Pink, Hot Pink, Wine, Purple

Item Details
Format: As Shown
Paper Size: 4.5" x 8"
Paper Stock: 3-ply guest towels
Personalization Process: Embossed (Subtle Raised Impression)

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