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COVID-19 Medical Mask Ear Protector

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COVID-19 Medical Mask Ear Protector

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At Giftsin24.com, we have developed a plastic accessory for your medical mask to help reduce the irritation created with the elastic cord wrapping around your ear. We had heard from many of our friends in the medical field that the elastic band wrapped around their ears was causing excessive irritation when being worn for a long time period. The N95-1P plastic adaptor allows for the elastic band to be extended away from the ear to avoid this repeated rubbing.

The N95-1P is used with protective masks that feature elastic loops located on the sides of the mask and wrap around each ear.

Slide the elastic loop through the cut slits on both sides and pull so the elastic loop rests inside the small hole. The protective strip should be positioned between your head/hair and the elastic loop. Forming a barrier from irritation around the ear and hair tangling while wearing and removing the mask. The large hole allows room for a ponytail to fit through.

The plastic protector is flexible and will gently wrap to the shape of the back of your head.

We have additional mask ear protection devices available. Click Here
Item: np951p
Set of 3 COVID-19 Medical Mask Ear Protectors
(Medical mask not included)   
was $5.95, now $4.76
Each additional set   was $5.00, now $4.00

Item Details
Size: 8.75" x 2.625"
Fitting: One size, fits most
Material: Smooth Delrin Plastic .031" in thickness

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