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3 stars 2021-11-07
product By Andrea

Disappointed in lack of color match

I ordered this as a gift and used the photo area for a logo as it was able to print a little bit larger than the dedicated logo template. I contacted to ask about their ink color as I wanted the logo to print the same shade of blue as the name at the top. Unfortunately they were not able to provide ink color or help me to make the two blues print in the same shade. This was highly disappointing to me. I used an online tool to try to read the color code for's blue ink and then generated the logo in that same shade and ordered. Unfortunately the product arrived with two blues that do not match so I won't be able to give it as a gift. I think the only option is to re purchase and eliminate the name text at the top or find another vendor who can generate the product all in the same color. Other than these limitations, the quality of the product was good and it shipped quickly!

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