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5 stars 2018-11-05
product By K. Love

My neighbors and their family absolutely LOVE them!

I am a graphic designer, so my neighbors came to me for assistance with their family reunion napkins. Initially, I couldn’t find a napkin design that fit their criteria: foiled letters, three ply, expensive-looking but on a budget. I looked high and low and many other places we’re priced on average at about $35+ per 50 napkins in that category. But at they only had to spend $52 per 200 sheets.

I was able to speak with a representative who navigated me through their website to find the template that was compatible with my neighbor’s requirements and within minutes I was able to place the order. The napkins arrived in three business days (within the same week of ordering) and my finicky neighbors were so excited and pleased about the look and feel of them. I will personally do business with them again. What a joy.

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4 stars 2018-08-08
product By Roseamry R

Ink bled slightly

I ordered royal blue napkins with white ink. The ink slightly bled so the edges of the letter were not 100% sharp. So it turned out to be a good gift, not a great gift. That's why rated 4 stars.

I also ordered another style and they were stunning.

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