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5 stars 2021-02-22
product By Long time customer

Beautiful design

Handwritten notes project a polished, professional image. They also leave a lasting impression. I taught a program requiring students to send notes to their mentors. The most commented on item in the students' assessment was the courtesy of a handwritten note. One mentor stated it made the difference in choosing an interviewee to fill a position when the applicants were equal in skills and education. Sending a note also signals the applicant will be considerate of others and pay attention to details. These notes were sometimes described as the "cherry on top."

I have been a customer of Giftsin24 for close to twenty years ordering a variety of personalized notes, both embossed monogram and raised ink. I have never been disappointed by design or quality. The paper quality has a nice heavy feel telling the recipient the sent note is an investment in time and thought. I've had recipients ask where my note cards were purchased wanting to make a similar order.

Finally, the interactive tool allowing the customer to view the design, ink color, and paper color is wonderful.

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5 stars 2018-10-21
product By FD


A nice creative twist to traditional monogram.

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