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Tips for Ordering

Below you will find some information on how to shop for personalized gifts at Giftsin24.com.

At the bottom of the page we list several tips for entering your order to assure that you get the gift you requested.

How to Shop at Giftsin24.com

The easiest way to browse through the products listed at Giftsin24.com is to click on one of the categories listed top navigation. Each category offers a wide selection of products.

Giftsin24.com offers personalized tablets, memos, foldover notes, correspondence cards, stationery wardrobes, letter sheets, gift enclosures, napkins, coasters, ensembles, labels, pens and much more. We hope you find your shopping experience pleasant and enjoyable. If you should have any questions please feel free to email us at giftsquestions@giftsin24.com. We will be happy to assist you.

Selecting a Item

To get a more detailed view of an item, click on the product image and you will see a larger image. If you are interested in purchasing the product click on 'Add to Cart' and you will be directed to an order form.

If you would like to look at other gifts you can simply hit the 'back' button on your browser.

Entering Your Order

When you select 'Add to Cart' you are directed to an order form for that particular item. Here you are asked to complete the information to personalize the product. Please be certain to fill in all of the information, such as Ink Color (where available) and Paper Color. You will also be asked to enter the name you would like printed on the gift. When entering the personalization please be careful to spell everything correctly, we will reprint your order exactly the way you enter it.Please note, that products pictured with names in all uppercase letters will be printed in all uppercase letters. Products pictured with upper and lowercase letters will be printed with upper and lowercase letters.

Confirming Your Order

After you enter your order and click 'Next', you will be asked to confirm the information you just entered. Please check this information carefully. If it is correct click 'Yes', if not click 'No' and you will be directed back so that you may correct the information.

If you click 'Yes' you will be directed to the Shopping Cart. Here you will see all of the products that you have entered and their cost. The total cost with tax (where applicable) and shipping charges will be shown on the 'Check Out' page. If everything is correct and you are done shopping click on 'Checkout'. If you would like to look at more gifts click on another product category in the top navigation.

Please remember that 'quantity' refers to sets. For instance, notes and cards are sold in sets of 25. If you enter ' 1' in the quantity box you will receive 25 notes with matching envelopes, if you enter '2' you will receive 50. If you would like to remove an item from the shopping cart, simply click the 'Delete' button.

Tips to Remember

  1. Longer names will print in a smaller size than shorter names. The names printed on each item are adjusted to fit the proportions of that item, so a name such as "Elizabeth" will appear with smaller letters than a name such as "Beth".

  2. Use the product photos as a guide when entering your order. When you are entering the name that you would like printed on the product use the product photo as a model for how your gift may look. For instance, if you would like to print a first and last name on a note look for an note pictured with a first and last name. If the picture features only a first name, the product will probably look best with just a first name. Also, please remember that if an item is pictured with all uppercase letters it will be printed in all uppercase letters. If it is pictured with upper and lowercase letters it will be printed with upper and lowercase letters.

  3. Quantity refers to "Sets" in the Shopping Cart you will see a box for "quantities". The number in this box refers to how many "sets" you have ordered of that particular item. For instance, cards and foldover notes are sold in quantities of 25, with 25 matching envelopes. When you enter quantity "1" you will receive 25 notes with matching envelopes. If you enter quantity "2" you will receive 50 notes with matching envelopes.

  4. Additional sets of selected items are offered at a discount. When you view your gifts in the shopping cart you will notice that some of the items are marked "Additional Orders" cost only $20.00. This means that each additional set of 25 that you order for that item, with the exact personalization, ink color and paper color costs only $20.00. The fee for envelope linings is charged on each set of 25. Return addresses have a one-time fee, and additional sets do not incur this fee.