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There are occasions that demand the personal touch - when you wish to congratulate, commiserate, coordinate or console, there is simply no substitute for a personalized note. Birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, retirements, graduations and births are all happy times made even happier by a message from someone who cares enough to put pen to paper to express their feelings. Gatherings that are important enough to be scheduled, planned and attended are important enough to warrant a few words from both inviter and invitee. Thank-you notes are sadly often neglected, but few things express gratitude as well as a short note of genuine appreciation. And wedding thank-you notes are more than just a show of gratitude - they are the first communication you send out as husband and wife - our Couples notes are the very thing to announce your married name. And while the pain of illness and loss cannot be eliminated, they can be made a bit easier to bear when the prayers and condolences of your loved ones are expressed in a thoughtful missive.