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Once upon a time, the rules of etiquette were set in stone. There was no discussion, no negotiation, no wiggle room whatsoever and you ignored these rules at your (social) peril. But the world changed. Things got busier, faster, more tightly packed and one of the things that fell by the wayside in our new, light-speed culture was the time-honored traditions of etiquette. We didn't have the time to learn these rules and few seemed to have the time to enforce them, so we moved on into an age where interpersonal relations were conducted on a more informal, improvisational basis. And aside from a few sticklers for the old ways (mostly people who'd made their livings by delineating or arbitrating such rules), everyone seemed to be okay with this development...until they came across a situation that they felt ill-equipped to confront.

Written communication is an area that has been particularly affected by the changing times. It seems as though everyone has a cell phone, uses email and can text message at speeds that defy belief. Here at Giftsin24.com, we're in the personalized stationery business, but we're just as dependent on the new technologies as anyone else.

This is all well and good, except that it tends to build walls between us. The new technologies have brought with them a kind of techno-shorthand that may increase efficiency, but common courtesy has been sandbagged and the beauty and elegance that written communication can convey has been stripped down and cast aside in favor of a dialog that thrives on impersonal contact and focuses exclusively on the bottom-line. So, when it comes to an occasion that requires old-fashioned, pen-to-paper communications, many folks are at a loss to remember exactly how all that is done.

Therefore, we felt it might be helpful if we whipped up a quick and easy guide to effective written communication as an aid to our friends, customers and interested browsers. This is, by no means, a comprehensive manual - just some basic strategies and tips to help you tap in to your inner writer and express your thoughts on paper (or personalized notecards, I just thought I'd mention, as we happen to sell same).

The formal rules for writing are a starchy, intimidating lot and if that is what you're after, there's any number of books that address the subject. But if you're looking to dash off a thoughtful sentiment to mark any of life's notable moments, the info you seek may well appear below...