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Zip Code Watercolor Super Slab - White
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5 stars  2 customer reviews
5 stars 2019-09-16 By Annie
Perfect hostess gift!
This slab pad looks perfect in our kitchen and guest room. I plan to order more for Christmas gifts too!

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Zip Code Watercolor Super Slab - White

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Where you decide to live says a lot about you. So if you’re proud, be loud with the Zip Code Watercolor Super Slab. It’s a must-have addition to any kitchen, office or desk. The oversized dimensions and subtle, watercolor printing of this big, personalized memo pad allow for maximum writing space. Choice of two numbering styles and a choice of 7 lighter shades of our standard matte ink colors.

Customize your watercolor notepad today.
· Personalization: 5 digit zip code
· 2 monogram choices
· 7 screened, matte ink color choices
· Optional Stainless Steel Holder

(Optional) Hand Tied Ribbon: 6 Grosgrain Ribbon Color Choices - Black, Navy, Gray, Fuchsia, Red, Orange
Item: ssw177
1 personalized notepad (250 padded sheets)   $37.95
Stainless steel holder   $34.00
Hand tied ribbon   $6.00
Message on packing slip   Free

Item Options
Ink Colors:  View Samples  Gray, Pink, Mint, Lavender, Skyblue, Periwinkle

Item Details
Format: Horizontal
Paper Size: 7.25" x 8.5"
Paper Color: White
Paper Stock: 80 lb. text weight (smooth and noticeably thick paper)
Personalization Process: Matte Ink (Flat, Digital Printing)
Watercolor Ink Conversions:
· Gray = a lighter shade of Black
· Lavender = a lighter shade of Purple
· Mint = a lighter shade of Emerald
· Periwinkle = a lighter shade of Navy
· Pink = a lighter shade of Fuchsia
· Sky Blue = a lighter shade of Ocean

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