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Stately Initial Cutting Board - Engraved

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Stately Initial Cutting Board - Engraved

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The Stately Initial Cutting Board is an excellent cheese and cracker serving board. Each engraved cutting board is made of eco friendly bamboo and measures 8.75" x 11.5". Enter your single initial. In addition, the bamboo cutting board features an integrated handle.

PLEASE NOTE: The appearance of the personalization may vary in shade due to the nature of the bamboo material.

Includes Decorative Scrolling artwork
Personalization: Single-initial
Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical
Item: bg814a
1 personalized cutting board$32.95
Each additional identical set$32.95
Additional options
Message on packing slipFree

Item Options
Formats:Horizontal, Vertical

Item Details
Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical
Dimensions: 8.75" wide x 11.5" long x 0.625" thick
Material: Eco-friendly Bamboo with convenient handle.
Personalization Process: Engraved

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