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Personalized Bamboo Cutting Boards

Giftsin24.com features a collection of Personalized Bamboo Cutting Boards suitable for your next social engagement. We have a wonderful collection of design options from the fanciful and carefree to the sophisticated and modern. Select the correct board for your home or the home of close family and friends.

What is the size of the cutting boards?

We now offer 2 sizes of cutting boards.
The first style is a rectangular shape which measures 8.75" wide x 11.5" long. It features a wide, sturdy handle which make carrying and placing on any table a breeze.

The second style is a paddle shaped cutting board. This board measures 7" wide x 13.5" long. The paddle bamboo cutting board features a very convenient handle which is perfect for hanging on any wall when not in use.

Both cutting boards are 0.625" in thickness, which is remarkably thick and sturdy for everyday use.