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Personal Ear Savers
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Personal Ear Savers

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The PPE1P is used with protective masks that feature elastic loops located on the sides of the mask and wrap around each ear.

Slide one of the elastic loops on to the appropriate loop holder on the PPE1P ear saver. Wrap your mask around your face while holding on to the ear saver device. Once you have the mask securely around your face loop the other end of the mask on to the appropriate loop holder on the other side. This should securely hold your personal mask in place while protecting the back of our ears from excessive rubbing and irritation caused by the elastic loop material.

If you have an excessive amount of plastic sticking out due to the circumference of your head, simply remove the excess material with a pair of scissors while not wearing the ear saving protective device.

The plastic protector is flexible and will gently wrap to the shape of the back of your head.
Personal Protection Equipment is not returnable. These are not for use by medical professionals. For personal protective use only.
Item: ppe1p
Set of 6 Personal Ear Savers(Mask not included)was $5.95, now $4.76
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Item Details
Size: 9.5" x 1.255"
Fitting: One size, fits most.
Weight: Lightweight & re-usable
Material: Smooth Delrin Plastic .031" in thickness

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