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Monogrammed Notes

When you want to express your sophistication and discernment, choose notes featuring a monogram lettering style. Three initials, artfully arranged, hark back centuries to the days when royalty employed monograms to denote their wealth and noble family lineage.

Giftsin24 offers a wide range of unique monograms created by our parent company, Embossed Graphics. They range in style from the whimsically elegant Paris monogram to the passionate Firenze; from the clean, modern Circle to the always appropriate Classic.

Monogram Basics

Let's start with defining what exactly is a monogram. A monogram can be any combination of letters that symbolize a name. In a typical three-letter monogram, the order goes like this:
  • Middle position (center) — last initial
  • First position (left) — first initial
  • Third position (right) — middle initial
So, Stephen Charles Johnson’s monogram would be S-J-C.

There’s also such a thing as a couple’s monogram. Here, the order goes like this:
  • Middle position (center) — shared last name
  • First position (left) — husband’s first initial
  • Third position (right) — wife’s first initial
Obviously, these rules are modified in the case of a same-sex couple, or if the spouses do not share the same last name. Monograms can also have two letters, four letters, or more. Read more about monograms in our 3-part blog series on monograms.

All folded notes include color-matched envelopes for optimal presentation.

Choose an optional return address or envelope lining to make your stationery extra special. We offer a choice of paper color, from white and ivory (ecru) to more contemporary colors as shown in our California Monogram line of Notes.

We present our stationery beautifully -- whether the gift is for a friend or for yourself: wrapped in tissue, affixed with a seal and nestled in a beautiful champagne foil box.

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