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Choose Your Personalized Stationery & Gifts for Kids

Children enjoy seeing their name in big letters and bright colors. Giftsin24 has the largest selection of notes for kids. Our collection includes a variety of themes and designs. Whether your child plays sports, likes trains, or loves to draw, there is something for everyone. Is your child a gifted artist? Choose our color me stationery, notes that your child can color and decorate. Does your child have a green thumb? Then order our Personalized Eco-Friendly Stationery made from 100% recycled paper.

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Stationery Gifts for Kids set up Lifelong Writing Practices

By the age of seven, most children have learned the basic skill sets and are as absorbent as sea sponges. It's the best age to start exposing them to new things. The time is "write". . . so to speak . . . to expose your children and grandchildren to the art of personal note writing—a skill to be used and enjoyed for a lifetime.

There is no other irreplaceable tradition quite like that of a handwritten note.

As parents and grandparents, we learned this early on. We also know that good-quality family life is all about nurturing each other across generations to accomplish things that help us grow to become good people.

You may know children today who have not yet been exposed to proper etiquette such as gift acknowledgment and thank you note writing. In fact, most children are growing up squarely in the center of the electronic arena, and may never think it's possible to say hello or express happiness using pen and paper.

While they are still learning their penmanship, reward your children and grandchildren with a gift of creative children's stationery they can practice with and look forward to using whenever the occasion calls for it.

Today it is fairly common to find children who are overwhelmed with toys, clothes, gadgets, and disposable trinkets just too many to list. That's why custom children's stationery makes a perfect gift, no matter the occasion.

It's not at all difficult to find a unique gift for children when you are shopping the online stationery store at Giftsin24.

It's a fact that when grand kids are missing their grandparents, a personalized folded note with their name printed in a lively typeface will be their favorite way for keeping in touch. An enclosure card is just the place to tuck a small photo they are particularly delighted with. A pretty paper note dressed with moonbeams and the child's name will have them looking for reasons to write to you.

Clearly, a good gift isn't a matter of quantity. If your purpose is to enrich a child's life, a gift of fun and colorful stationery is the right choice every time. Giftsin24 has the most unique collection of writing tablets and personalized notepads, folded notes, and custom memo squares in our very own CrystalClear acrylic holders.

Giftsin24 also is proud to offer some of the most unique typefaces and paper note designs to be found in the industry anywhere. Youths will be amazed by the delicate butterflies, colorful lollipops, soccer balls, hearts, and planets adorning our 5" x 4" notes. We use smooth papers that are a pleasure to the eye and to the hand. Our custom stationery is the best foundation for an enjoyable writing regimen.

Did we mention that all of our children's notes are gift-boxed along with fine-quality matching envelopes? Let Giftsin24 save you some time today with a special stationery gift for your kids.