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Fudge Super Slab
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Fudge Super Slab

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Do you love your family? Can they get on your nerves? Be honest! Have a laugh. Pay tribute to those you love by ordering the Fudge Super Slab. Your family may be a bit eccentric - some may say crazy - but it's because they are crazy about you. Return the sentiment with this super slab from Giftsin24.

Top Line: Our Family is like fudge
Bottom Line: mostly sweet with a few nuts
Item: sslab9
1 Slogan Super Slab (250 padded sheets)$29.95
Each additional identical set$27.95
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Item Details
Ink Color: Black
Paper Size: 8.5" x 7.2"
Paper Color: White
Paper Stock: 80 lb. text weight (smooth and noticeably thick paper)
Personalization Process: Matte Ink (Flat, Digital Printing)

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