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Choose Your Personalized Family Stationery

Our Family Pride Collection brings your family identity and your personality together. We know that you’re proud of who you are. It’s time that you showed it. Order from our collection of Personalized Family Stationery and choose from a large assortment of notes, cards, notepads and napkins available for you to customize with your family’s mark. Visit our on-line gallery.

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Make a Connection

Our role at Giftsin24 is to give our customers another line of communication. We make keeping in touch a personal and fun experience for you and your whole family. Personalized Family Stationery is one way to make this happen.

We have something for everyone. Even better, we will work with you to add that special touch of customization to make each note, card, paper list, custom notepad, and napkin your very own.

Today, children are using computers at a very early age. The average adult spends most of their time in front of a PC or mobile device every day. Ask yourself these crucial questions: Is there something missing? Has the digital world made you less responsive to the people around you?

A handwritten note is a joy to send and receive. Everyone will love the feel of our triple-thick card stock and premier papers. They are simply a pleasure to write on. Thank your family, write a brief note or message, connect with your loved ones daily with personalized stationery.

Nearly all of our creative gifts can be customized with your family name or monogram. For example, the Carnival Family Pride List contains a bold border formed by the names of each of your family members. Some items are paired with our CrystalClear acrylic holder to keep your items organized and secure.

Encourage your children to keep in touch with their grandparents and long-distance relatives and friends with a set of personalized cards. Our perennial favorite, the Anthony Family Pride card, can be customized so that everyone can use it to write a thank you note, extend an invitation, or just say hello.

Browse our Family Pride collection now for plenty of great stationery gift ideas and don't forget to treat yourself. We will have your items gift-boxed and ready to ship within two business days.